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 Benefits of Massage


Experts estimate that upwards of 90 percent of disease is stress related.  Nothing ages us faster than high levels of stress.  One of the most effective, healthy ways to combat high levels of stress is with massage therapy.  Massage can help you manage your stress by:

 - Relaxing your mind and reducing  anxiety

 - Improving your sleep

 - Helping to alleviate headaches

- Improving mental clarity

- Enhancing internal awareness by helping you feel your body


Some of the physiological benefits of massage include:

- Opens blood vessels, improving local circulation

 - Increases the availability of red blood cells, improving oxygenation and aiding the body in removing metabolic waste

 - Helps to overcome muscle fatigue from strenuous exercise by increasing blood supply and nutrients to muscles.  (This is especially beneficial for any athlete)

 - Stretches connective tissue, improving its circulation and nutrition, and so breaks down or prevents adhesions from forming.

 - Free congestion at muscle attachment sites

 - Helps to reorganize chronically contracted tissue

 - Helps maintain flexibility, increases range of motion and joint mobility

 - Helps to realign posture and movement

 - Helps soften scar tissue


             Massages with  Essential Oil blend and CBD 

 I am offering massages with a deep blue essentail oil blend, and massages with     CBD balm.  The Deep Blue rub is made by doTerra, and   conatins their deep blue oil blend.  It provides a soothing feeling to tight and sore   muscles.  I believe this is a fantastic product that is great for "spot" treating 
problem areas.  The CBD products are made by Bear Bones CBD.  It is an organic   full spectrum CBD, and does not have an intoxicating effect.  The CBD balm is a   deep  tissue foumula that conatins CBD in shea butter with Arnica, vitamin E and   a   soothing essential oil blend.  It helps relax your muslce tissue, reduce pain and   inflammation.  According to  Massage and Bodywork magazine "The theory of using CBD is to support the  endocannabinoid system and to promote homeostasis."


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