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   I have been vaccinated for covid-19. Per state orders, I am asking people to still wear a mask to their appointment, and please keep it on during your massage. Cleaning practices have been stepped up, and I want to do my best to provide a safe and healthy environment to enjoy your massage. Thank You! 

    Healthy Foundations Massage has been selected for the 2021      

    Best of Centennial Awards Program in the category of massage.  

    The awards program is an annual rewards program honoring the

     success of local businesses. These are local companies that enhance

     the positive image of small businesses through service to their

     customers and community. I want to thank all my clients here in the

     community for supporting my business. 

    My name is Keith Wilson and I’m a Certified, Licensed Massage

    Therapist. I enjoy helping people in their desire to a live a healthier

    lifestyle, a journey to optimum wellness!

    Once thought of as only a luxury item, massage is now being used by

    people on a regular basis as part of their personal health care plan.

    Whether  you need some stress relief, have chronic pain or tight,

    overused  muscles, massage therapy can help.  Do you have neck

    and/or back pain?  Over 80% of the popoulation suffers from back

    pain at some point.  I have experience working with these issues. 

    Schedule an appoinment today and I'd be happy to address your

    problems.  At Healthy Foundations Massage, you will receive the care

    and attention you deserve, in a relaxed and safe office space.  The table

    has a heating  pad for your comfort and hot packs are available ( they

    are a great way to loosen tight muscles at the beginning of your

    masage!)  I can tailor a massage to address your needs and work

    within your comfort level.  I offer reasonable rates, too!  If you would

    prefer your massage to take place in  your home, I can come to your

    house.  I offer the following types of massage therapy:



The most common type of massage.  The therapist uses oil or lotion to reduce friction.  Swedish massage utilizes smooth gliding strokes and gentle kneading of muscles to facilitate a feeling of relaxation.



A variation of Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage works deeper into the muscles and tissue. Chronically tight or injured muscles may develop "knots" or adhesions in the muscle fibers, causing pain and limiting mobility. Deep tissue work seeks to break up these adhesions thereby relieving pain and restoring movement.



While Sports massage is a broadly used term, it refers to the application of different massage strokes combined with movement and stretching, for physically active people.  I prefer to use the term Basic Sports Massage which involves deeper work combined with some stretching and movement.  Even if you are not an active person, you can enjoy the benefits of this therapeutic massage when integrated into a full body massage session.



Also referred to as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Medical massage, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) uses a type of deep tissue, direct digital pressure to release areas of tension in muscles.  The work is very slow and specific with the intention being to release these tense or strained areas in soft tissue that cause muscle spasms and pain.



Ideal for social gatherings or corporate events, chair massage focuses on shoulders, neck, back and arms and can provide temporary relief from sore muscles as well as promote relaxation.  Chair massages are typically 10-20 minutes long.  It can be provided anywhere, with the individual fully clothed sitting in a specialized chair that can be adjusted to that person’s height.  Studies have shown that office workers who receive regular chair massage are more relaxed and productive at work.   




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    Healthy Foundations Massage is located at 6970 S. Holly Circle, suite 104M,  Centennial, CO 80112. I am just a few miles west of Arapahoe Rd. and I-25, very near the intersection of Arapahoe rd. and S. Holly St. Please see the map on the contact page.